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The GLAM Story


Click below to check out Maame's Youtube tips and Personal Amazon recommendations!

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GLAM by Maame was created by Maame Wilson. Her creative and spontaneous personality allowed her to bring about the idea of creating  glamorous hairstyles for all people.

After 9 years in the classroom, in 2021 she took a leap of faith and became a full time stylist/entrepreneur specializing in bridal hair. 


Maame loves making people feel beautiful. She likes to pay attention to details in the art of hair, and engage in relationship building while doing so. 


Doing hair allows her to bring out an individual's inner and outer beauty. Maame creates hairstyles to fit each client personally. She feels accomplished when she sees the satisfied smiles on her customer's face.

Maame is also a chef in her kitchen. She loves to cook quick, delicious meals for her family. She enjoys being a mom and loves sharing quick tips from the kitchen to creative styles for her daughters hair. Check out her YouTube for tips, Amazon for home gadgets, and the Chef Glam tab for her upcoming cookbook! 

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